Baseboards & Molding

Add interest to your walls and ceilings with a baseboard and crown molding. Though considered extra trim, a room appears to be blank and stark without these added extras. Even changing the trim around a room can alter the appearance of the space. In Tampa, you can get these trim options for your home to complete the look or a room and add just the right finishing touch.

Baseboards and Molding in Tampa

There are a variety of trim choices that can be used with laminate flooring or hardwood floors. Pieces of trim are named for their general shape, which determines how they should be used. A t-molding piece resembles the letter and it fits between two different types of flooring to create a bridge over the juncture. Both flooring materials must be the same height to use a t-molding. If the two flooring materials are at different heights, you need to use a reducer to prevent tripping and create a smooth transition.

Wall Cove Bases for Shaped Walls

The corner where the floor meets the wall can be softened with a quarter round piece of trim. If the wall is curved, you cannot install straight pieces of trim. Use a wall cove base instead. This flexible material easily wraps around the bottom of curved walls to cover the corner where the wall meets the floor. For a more decorative touch, consider installing a baseboard around the bottom of the wall. These come in a variety of styles and colors.

Stair Moldings

Molding is even used around stairs. Where the floor at the top of the stairs joins with the top of the first stair riser, a stair nose is installed. These create a smoother corner at the front of each stair down the flight and are used when stairs are covered in laminate or hardwood flooring material.

Molding and trim should be incorporated into a room to create a finished touch and to add value to the home. Find baseboards, molding, and other trim at a nearby store in your Tampa area for your convenience.

Do not forget to find the right underlayment for your laminate flooring installation.